Will You be one next year? Plan to be a Tri-Athlete in 2016-2017
Found this information in a article that was sent to me by a friend and a long time coach.

KidsPost: Playing one sport year-round isn’t smart, even for kids who want to go pro!
Intense training often leads to burnout or injuries, studies show!
By Fred Bowen

Kids who specialize in one sport also get burned out. An Ohio State University study found that kids who played a single sport were more likely to quit their sport and be physically inactive as adults.

But don’t you have to specialize in one sport when you’re a kid to have a chance to play in college or be a pro?

Sorry, but I have to talk about another study. This one was a survey of college athletes by the American Society of Sports Medicine. The study found that 88 percent of college athletes played more than one sport when they were kids.

Look at this year’s National Football League draft. Twenty-six of the 31 first-round picks, including Jared Goff, the player drafted ahead of all the others, had been multi-sport athletes in high school, according to Tracking Football.

It wasn’t just the first round: 224 of the 256 draft picks had played more than one sport in high school. More than a third of the drafted players were three-sport athletes.

Make sure you are having fun on your sports teams and don't let coaches or parents push you into only one sport. Enjoy high school and be the best you can be for all the teams that you want to play on. Union City athletes Be Proud to be a UC Tri-Athlete!!!!!!!!