Add the UC Eventlink calendar to your phone or computer calendar

Add the UC Eventlink calendar to your phone or computer calendar
New Software is being used for Athletic Department Calendars
To access this new calendar you need to follow the directions below.
To add the UC Athletics Events calendar to Google Calendar*:
* other calendar programs, see page 2
Copy the address below (don't open it):
Open Google Calendar
Go to “Other Calendars” (left side)
Click on the pull-down arrow and choose “Add by URL”
Paste in the link copied from above, and click “Add Calendar” (at bottom)
The calendar will be added to the “Other Calendars” list, and named “Union City Jr/Sr High School's Athletic Events”
It can be toggled in or out of view by clicking on the colored square to the left of its title

Please turn off the old Pinwheel Calendar on your phone and computer. It is now out of date since event and practice schedules change constantly.
The new Union City Jr/Sr High School’s Athletic Events calendar is current and will be the only calendar updated.

For other calendar programs, such as Outlook:
Go to the address below (or copy and paste it into your web browser). After a few seconds, a file will be downloaded or a download prompt will open. The “.ics” file that is downloaded can then be imported into many calendar programs.
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